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Troubled Waters: Misleading industry PR and the case for public water

15 December, 2014
Emanuele Lobina of the PSI Research Unit (PSIRU) and author of a new report "Troubled Waters", commissioned by Corporate Accountability International, argues private water companies could spell disaster for the city's water system

This report discusses the role played by misleading public relations in the attempts of water multinationals Veolia and Suez to expand their market share in the USA. The report finds that, in the US like in other countries of the global North, Veolia and Suez are very good at promising improved performance and enhanced service quality but have a poor track record at keeping their promises. As this poor track record is a systemic feature of private water operations, the report makes the case for remunicipalisation and for strengthening public water services through in-house restructuring, public-public partnerships, and policies that support democratic governance”.

Download a PDF of the full report from the PSIRU website.

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