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2019 Caribbean Sub-regional Women’s Advisory Committee Meeting (Saint Vincent)

15 May 2019
Thirty women trade union activists, representing 14 of PSI’s affiliates in the Caribbean are participating in the 2019 Women’s Advisory Committee meeting in Saint Vincent.

Women activists in public services unions affiliated to PSI use this opportunity to deliberate and make recommendations on ways to promote and achieve gender justice: in their unions, workplaces and the wider society. Equally important, members examine and articulate their perspectives on a wide range of issues. The discussions pay particular attention to what needs to be done and the methods used to achieve the results we want.

During the meeting, the committee deliberates on a wide range of issues and in general advises on:

  1. ways to promote the full development of the potential of women in trade unions and in their workplaces;
  2. activities and campaigns that would compensate for the results of discrimination against women at all organisational levels within unions;
  3. ways that affiliates might work to achieve fair and equitable recognition of women’s contributions within unions and in paid employment;
  4. ways to support the work of the wider trade union movement in achieving gender equality and equity.

Our experiences and the research show that women who work in public services experience better opportunities for advancement, a narrower pay gap and a greater chance of advancement in society. Through quality public services, women stand a greater chance of achieving gender justice. But, there is still a lot of work to be done. We have not yet achieved gender equality.

The discussions during the SUBWOC relate to Section 3.2 (pp 11-13) of the Programme of Action (PoA). The meeting seeks to Inform, Educate and Motivate/Inspire SUBWOC members. They in turn use the information to build their own skills and knowledge and then educate members of their women’s networks and committees, and engage with allies in society.

Documents for the meeting


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