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Who we are

Public Services International brings together more than 20 million workers, represented by over 700 unions in 163 countries and territories. We are a global trade union federation dedicated to promoting quality public services in every part of the world. Our members, two-thirds of whom are women, work in social services, health care, municipal and community services, central government, and public utilities such as water and electricity.

What we do

Our voices are heard around the world. Public Services International campaigns for social and economic justice, and efficient, accessible public services around the world.

PSI information leaflet

7 May 2012

Download PSI's information leaflet in English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Japanese and Portuguese.

PSI key policy documents

26 Feb 2018

The Proceedings of Congress 2017 appear in three volumes: a) Volume 1 contains Resolution No. 1, Programme of Action; b) Volume 2 contains Resolution No. 2, PSI Constitution; c) Volume 3 contains Resolutions adopted by Congress.

Key people

Learn more about our key people.

Global Unions

Global Unions are international trade union organisations who together represent upwards of 200 million members.

We share a common determination to organise, to defend human rights and labour standards everywhere, and to promote the growth of trade unions for the benefit of all working men and women and their families.

PSI is a member of the Council of Global Unions.