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A gold medal for solidarity

July 25, 2012
London's bus workers have won a huge victory. Now, it's the cleaners' turn. Just three days before the opening of the Olympic games in London, London's bus drivers have won a big victory. As their union Unite reported, the workers "overwhelmingly voted to accept an offer of an Olympic award, meaning most workers will get £577 for the massive increase in workload over the Olympics.”

Bobby Morton, Acting National Passenger Officer for Unite, wrote: “On behalf of Unite the Union I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to all of you who sent messages of support through LabourStart to the London bus workers who achieved a great victory in the Olympic solidarity campaign. I am convinced that if there was a gold medal for solidarity you would all be recipients. Thanks also to the International Transport Workers’ Federation, ITF, for their unstinting support and efforts during this campaign.”  You can read the ITF's own statement here.
Unfortunately, not all workers are covered by this very important victory.
The cleaners who work for London Transport, and who are represented by the RMT union, have not received any bonus.  

Their campaign needs a big push from all of us -- please sign up and spread the word:  http://www.labourstart.org/rmtcleaners

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