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Send your protest against arrests in Turkey

July 02, 2012
Image of riot police
The harassment and intimidation of trade unionists in Turkey continues: in the early morning hours on June 25, the Turkish police raided offices and houses of trade unionists in Turkey. 71 were detained, and eight of these are still under arrest, including the President of PSI-affiliated KESK, Lami Özgen.

"As far we know, there is no legal basis for their arrest. This is clearly a new attack against the trade union movement and the freedom of association", writes PSI General Secretary Peter Waldorff in a protest letter to the Turkish Prime Minsiter.

It is only one week since PSI wrote to the Turkish Prime Minister to protest in the strongest term against the continued harassment and intimidation of their sister trade unionists in Turkey.

"We seem to be obliged to write to you again this week in order to strongly protest against the police raids and imprisonments, which occurred this morning in Turkey."

"PSI calls on the Turkish Government to live up to its obligations, as a member of the international community, and to guarantee the respect of trade union rights and all human rights in Turkey."

Read the full protest letter to the Turkish Prime Minister here (pdf).

You can join the global union federations in condemning these anti-union harassment tactics by sending this message to Prime Minister Erdogan, urging him to ensure the immediate and unconditional release of all detained trade unionists.

Send a message to Prime Minister Erdogan urging him to ensure the immediate and unconditional release of all 71 detained trade unionists

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