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Annual Report 2008

3 April, 2009
Looking back at 2008 the one word that comes to mind is CHANGE. We saw a dramatic change in the global economy, it was the keyword in the US election and we initiated changes in PSI.

The outlook of the global economy has changed in a very short period from booming, to recession and now into depression. The neglect of oversight from authorities, the abuse of our trust in banks, the trail of frauds and scandals, have all cost us dearly. Millions of workers and their families are now paying the price, by losing their jobs and by paying for ‘bailouts’ through taxes.
The plans for massive investments in the public sector in the US and other countries are a good opportunity to remind policy-makers of the crucial role of these services. Quality Public Services are the key to creating good and healthy societies. Together with our affiliates, PSI will ensure that the voice of public sector workers is taken into account.
In this annual report we focus on the change that has happened in the wide range of PSI activities in our cross-cutting sectors.

In 2009 change will remain high on the PSI agenda. The implementation of the recommendations in our ongoing organisational review will make PSI more focused and more results-driven.


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