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Unmasking Austerity: Opposition and Alternatives in Europe and North America

17 June, 2014
European Services Strategy Unit
The latest title from Dexter Whitfield, "Unmasking Austerity: Opposition and Alternatives in Europe and North America" exposes how austerity policies have fuelled the fire of recession rather than stimulated growth. It identifies key lessons from organising and action against such policies, and urges a rethink of trade union, community and social movement strategies to overcome austerity.

Unmasking Austerity examines the deeper causes of the financial crisis, and exposes the manufactured crises, which are being used to dismantle hard-earned labour rights and the welfare state.
A radical alternative strategy includes economic stimulus, reconstruction of public services, faster fundamental reform of banks and financial markets, the elimination of corporate welfare that enriches big business, and strategies to increase labour’s share of national income.

The publication is available as an e-book at a price of £9.99.

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