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UNCSW Expert Group Report rejects neoliberalism, calls for strengthening of women's organizing power

12 January, 2018
The Report of the Expert Group Meeting for the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women has been released, framed around the urgent need to abandon neoliberal policies.

The paper is the main civil society and academic input to the UN Secretary General's UNCSW report and Zero draft of the Agreed Conclusions.

The report's preperation was led by Kate Lappin, PSI's new Regional Secretary for the Asia Pacific.

Members of the Expert Group Meeting agreed that the prevailing neo-liberal economic model has been a driver of displacement and led to increased violations of rural women’s rights and is incapable of supporting gender-equitable sustainable development. Neo-liberalism is characterised by a shift towards privatization of public goods and services, deregulation of corporations, labour and financial markets and trade and investment liberalization, and the subsequent adoption of global regulations that protect foreign capital and constrain the State’s capacity to legislate in favour of human rights.


Read the full report via the download below.


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