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South Korea: the struggle continues

10 May 2013
Police intervention prior to KGEU sit-in
Korean Government Employees’ Union (KGEU) has started another sit-in in front of the Ministry of Security and Public Administration from 1st of May 2013, the 123rd MAY DAY, after a month-long hunger strike by its President Kim Jungnam and KGEU leadership from January 2013 to urge the government and National Assembly to resolve urgent KGEU demands during the regular session of the National Assembly.

Up to now, the recently installed Park Guenhye administration has not taken any action to deal with labour relations and working conditions of public sector workers, the reinstatement of 135 dismissed KGEU members and refuses to recognise the KGEU. 

Since the beginning of the year twelve civil servants from general administration, social workers, court administration and education administration have committed suicide due to stress and their heavy work load. However, the government fails to recognize the detrimental impact of their lack of negotiation on working conditions and continues its anti-trade union policy.

 The KGEU organizes this sit-in until the end of June to urge the Korean government to take action to normalize labour relations, recognize the KGEU and reinstate dismissed workers.

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