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South Korea: Unions on sit down strike

08 November 2012
Unionists in South Korea are on a 12 day sit down strike to fight for recognition of trade union rights and reinstatement of dismissed workers.

Since 2002, 136 workers organised in the Korean Govemment Employees' Union (KGEU) have been dismissed, and almost 3,000 disciplined because of trade union activities.

KGEU has tried to pass a special act for reinstatement of dismissed/disciplined workers, but so far this has not been discusssed by the National assembly.

In June this year KGEU organised a sit down strike in front of the National assembly, and they have also been organising congressmen to support the special act. So far 123 out of 299 members of congress have given their support to the act.

On November 1 the second sit down strike for recognition of trade union rights and reinstatement of dismissed workers started, and will go on until November 12.

When the sit down strike ends, the dismissed workers' committee of KGEU will go on a national tour for the election campaign. Their goal is to change the majoirity in the National assembly from the conservative to the democratic party.

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