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PSI and Canadian Labour Congress file joint ILO complaint

14 September 2015
On Monday 14 September, Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary, submitted an ACFO-drafted complaint on behalf of 230,000 Canadian federal public servants at the International Labour Organization (ILO) headquarters in Geneva.

The complaint – which was endorsed by all of the federal bargaining agents in the National Joint Council – was jointly filed by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and Public Services International (PSI) in response to the budget implementation legislation known as Bill C-59.

 “The Canadian government cannot unilaterally change a collective agreement that was negotiated in good faith. Bill C-59 is a clear violation of ILO Convention 87 and 98, 151 and 154”, said Rosa Pavanelli.

“Quite frankly, we’re frustrated that it’s come to this,” says ACFO President Milt Isaacs. “The fact that we’ve had to look internationally for support speaks to just how punitive the actions taken against public servants have been. This is an erosion of our most basic rights.”

ILO Convention No. 87 (1948) protects freedom of association and the right to organize. Scott Chamberlain, ACFO’s General Counsel, argues the powers given to the government in the budget legislation violate that convention.

“The power to unilaterally eliminate a sick leave plan that was collectively bargained in good faith is a clear violation of an ILO convention ratified by Canada in 1972,” said Chamberlain. “It takes away our ability to represent our members in a fair way.”

For more information see the ACFO website: http://www.acfo-acaf.com/2015/09/09/acfo-drafted-complaint-filed-at-the-...



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