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Continental Conference on the Struggle Against racism in the Workplace - Celebrating INSPIR´s 20th Anniversary

17 August, 2015 to 19 August, 2015
09.00 - 17.00
São Paulo, Brasil
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African descent union leaders, indigenous and non-black allies in the fight against racism in Brazil, USA, Colombia, Honduras, Ecuador, Chile, Guatemala, Guyana and the Dominican Republic will attend the event.

Continental Conference on the Struggle Against racism in the Workplace

Celebrating INSPIR´s 20th Anniversary

August 17-19, São Paulo, Brazil


Aug 17th - Monday

9am – 4pm Meeting of the PSI Americas Anti-Racism Committee, at the SINDSEP Formation Centre, Rua Barão de Itapetininga, 163 – 2nd floor, São Paulo.

6pm – 9pm Opening of the Continental Conference and a tribute to INSPIR on its 20th Anniversary ,at the Palácio do Trabalhador Auditorium, Rua Galvão Bueno, 782, Liberdade, São Paulo/SP.

- Playing of the Brazilian, American and Afro-Brazilian Anthems;

- Exhibition of the institutional video of INSPIR;

- Speech by Francisco Quintino, President of INSPIR – “Challenges for the fights against racial discrimination in the Americas in the current political and social context”;

- Presentation of the Commemorative Plaques “20 years of INSPIR” to the former Presidents of INSPIR and Presidents/General Secretaries of the affiliated trade union centres as well as the Inspir affiliated Unions and Associations.

- Speeches by Institutional Representatives: AFLCIO, CSA, CUT, Força Sindical, UGT, Inspir´s Youth Representative, PSI´s Representative of the Anti-Racism Committee, SEPPIR, other Brazilian government officials;

9pm – 11pm: Cocktail and cultural activity

Aug 18th – Tuesday (at Hotel Comfort Downtown – Rua Araujo, 141 – República, São Paulo)

8am – 9am: Accreditation of Participants

9am – 9:30am: Opening of the event (by Francisco Quintino, President of INSPIR/FS and Jana Silverman, Deputy Secretary-General of INSPIR-AFL-CIO), presentation of the program and the participants.

9:30am – 11:15am: Round table 1 – “Racism, historical inequalities and affirmative action policies in the Americas” – Prof. Fernando Urrea of Universidad del Valle, Colombia; Wilson Roberto Prudente, Federal Prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Labor of the 1st Region; and Jos Williams, Secretary General of INSPIR and Executive Director of CBTU-AFLCIO. Commentator: Jana Silverman and Moderator: Francisco Quintino.

11:15am – 11:30am – Coffee Break

11:30am – 12:30pm – Debates

12:30pm – 2pm - Lunch

2pm – 3:45pm: Round table 2 - “Afro-Descendent Youth, violence and social exclusion” – Ângela Guimarães, Deputy Secretary of the National Secretariat of Youth of the Republic Presidency, to speak on the program “Juventude Viva”; Jefferson Tiego, CSA´s Youth Representative for Força Sindical to speak on Young Workers in the Americas; and Fred Redmond, CBTU-AFLCIO/INSPIR Executive Director to speak on the campaign “Black Lives Matter”. Commentator: Gutemberg Guedes and Moderator: Yara Pereira from INSPIR/FS.

3:45pm – 4pm: Coffee break

4pm – 6pm: Round table 3 - “Women workers and racial discrimination in the Americas” – Dr. Maria Sylvia Aparecida de Oliveira, President of Instituto Geledés of Woman; Agripina Hurtado, President of the Consejo Laboral Afrocolombiano - CLAF, and Graciela Huenchumilla from Internatinal Public Services - PSI Chile. Commentator: Cleonice Caetano Souza/UGT and Moderator: Walmir Siqueira, INSPIR/CUT.

8pm – Dinner at the hotel

Aug 19th - Wednesday (at Hotel Comfort Downtown)

9am – 9:30am: Review of previous day – with Telma Victor

9:30am – 11am: Round table 4- Campaigns against racism in the Americas – Kika Silva, member of the National Impeller Nucleous of the Black Women´s March of the State of São Paulo; Representative of PSI´s Anti-racism Committee (Campaign for OEA´s Conventions A-68 and A-69 ratification); Nilma Lino Gomes, Ministry of State and Chief of SEPPIR/PR; Juliana Wenceslau Biriba dos Santos, from the Program of the United Nations for Development – PNUD Brasil (International Decade of the Afro-descendents: Recognizing, Justice and Development). Commentator: Rosana Silva INSPIR/CUT and Moderator: Carolyn Kazdin, Representative of the AFL-CIO.

11am – 11:15am: Coffee break

11:15am – 1pm: Round table: Best practices by unions to combat racism in the Americas –Ana Cristina dos Santos Duarte (CNPIR-UGT/INSPIR); Maria Julia dos Reis Nogueira (CUT), Iris Munguia, FESTAGRO Honduras; Aracelis de Salas, CNUS from Dominican Republic; Antolin Huascar Flores, CNA Peru. Moderator: Adney Araujo INSPIR/FS and Moderator: Carlos Ledesma INSPIR/CSA.

1pm – 2pm: Lunch

2pm – 3:45pm: Work groups – Exchange of experiences and definition of a common workplan. Coordination: Jana Silverman, Walmir Siqueira, and Telma Victor; Facilitator: Patricia Santos.

3:45pm – 4pm: Coffee break

4pm – 5pm: Plenary: Planning joint actions and making commitments

5pm – 5:30pm: Seminar evaluation, report presentation, and conclusion


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