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Details on APRECON 2016

26 February, 2016
Find information here on delegation entitlements, sponsorship, voting at the conference, motions/resolutions, appointment of standing orders committee - credential committee - tellers and practical information.

Delegation Entitlements

According to PSI Constitution affiliates shall ensure that at least fifty per cent of their nominations are women.


According to the PSI Constitution (Article 6.6), unions are entitled to send a specific number of delegates to Congress, based on payment of affiliation fees. These entitlements also govern the union’s voting rights. The same rule applies for APRECON. Voting rights will be based on 2012-2016 inclusive (5 years).

“… Affiliates’ representation is based on the following schedule. Each gender should be equally represented where there is more than one delegate unless this is not feasible due to very significant over-representation of one gender within the affiliate’s membership.

1 delegate          up to    5,000 members

2 delegates        from     5,001 to          10,000 members

3 delegates        from     10,001 to         20,000 members

4 delegates        from     20,001 to         35,000 members

5 delegates        from     35,001 to         50,000 members

6 delegates        from     50,001 to         100,000 members

plus one delegate for each additional 50,000 paid-up members and/or part thereof…”


According to PSI Constitution (Annex 4: Congress rules/Standing Order), unions are entitled to send a specific number of observers to Congress, based on payment of affiliation fees. The same rule applies for APRECON.

“… Affiliated organisations may send observers on the basis of one per 100,000 paid-up members and/or part thereof. Each gender should be equally represented, where there is more than one observer, unless this is not feasible due to very significant over-representation of one gender within the affiliate’s membership…”


Any other union’s representatives will be considered as “visitor”. “Visitors” are those participants who have neither delegate nor observer status, either because their delegation entitlement has already been filled or because they represent a non-affiliated organisation.


Due to financial constraints, PSI will offer only limited number of sponsorships in accordance with the PSI policy. Countries below the 100% indexation and with more than 1 union had to make decisions through their NCCs and inform PSI to avail the sponsorship on a country basis. PSI encourages affiliates to be innovative in the wider distribution of sponsorships to increase participation, which include accepting partial sponsorship and looking for group travel concessions etc. Sponsorships will be prioritised on the basis of the following:

  • Affiliates must have fulfilled their financial obligations to PSI by 1st July, up to and including 2016 affiliation fees;
  • Affiliates who have paid regularly, entirely and in due time during the last five years (2011 to 2016 inclusive);
  • Affiliates who respect the principle of equal representation between men and women (and also young members who are 35 year and below) in their delegation, in accordance with PSI Constitution

The final decision by the APREC regarding sponsorships will be communicated in June 2016

Voting at Conference

Voting will take place according to the PSI Constitution (Annex 4: Congress Rules/Standing orders). The head of delegation will receive ballot forms for “card” votes and all delegates will receive voting cards for “show of hands” votes.

The PSI Constitution provides for voting by proxy. Unions that are unable to attend the Conference should nominate another participating union from the same constituency to cast the proxy vote and inform PSI in writing by 24th August 2016.

“… Any affiliated organisation unable to be represented at Congress may authorise the delegate of another organisation from the same sub-region to represent it. Such authorisation shall be valid on condition that the General Secretary of PSI is informed of it in writing four weeks in advance by the organisation giving authority. No organisation may exercise the proxy votes of more than three other organisations…” 


Affiliates who wish to make proposals of motion or resolution may send a draft to AP Regional Secretary: lakshmi.vaidhiyanathan@world-psi.org (please copy to: Indah.budiarti@world-psi.org) before 17 July 2016

Emergency resolutions may be submitted only if the situation warrants such an action. The Standing Orders Committee of the Conference will decide if these resolutions will be accepted.

Appointment of Standing Orders Committee, Credential Committee, Tellers

Members for the above committee will be appointed by the APREC and information will be circulated later. 

Practical Information

Accommodation: There are many hotels around ACROS Fukuoka. PSI Asia Pacific Regional office and the subregional office of East Asia in Japan are coordinating for group booking arrangements and the information will be circulated soon. Sponsored participants will stay at the designated hotels contracted by PSI.  However for those who wish to make their own arrangements, we strongly encourage you to make a hotel reservation at your earliest convenience as October is the highest season in Fukuoka, and it might be difficult to find hotel rooms.

Insurance: PSI does not cover any insurance costs for participants, therefore we would advise that all the Conference participants get appropriate personal travel/health insurance.

Travel Arrangement: For sponsored participants, subregional offices (wherever possible) will be arranging economy flight tickets. Once sponsorships are announced, please be in touch with your subregional offices. General participants (non-sponsored) are expected to make their own travel bookings and inform PSI of their travel details. Please take note that PSI can make hotel reservations only when the participants provide the travel itinerary in advance.

Visa: Many countries may require visas to enter Japan. Kindly check visa requirement on the website of the Embassy of Japan in your country. If you need a visa request letter and other documents, contact your subregional office for further assistance.

Documents: Documents of the Conference and related meetings will be sent to affiliates in due course, and also will be posted on the PSI Website (www.world-psi.org/APRECON2016) closer to the conference date. Some key conference documents will be provided during the Conference.

A second circular related to sponsorship decisions, practical information, and hotel information will be sent to the affiliates in June 2016.

A third circular related to the final confirmed programme, proposals for resolutions will be sent in August 2016.

Please do not hesitate to contact the AP Regional Secretary, Vaidhiyanathan Lakshmi: lakshmi.vaidhiyanathan@world-psi.org (please copy: Indah.budiarti@world-psi.org) for any questions or further information.


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