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World Public Services Day, 23 June 2014

20 June 2014
On the occasion of World Public Services Day, Public Services International and its affiliates are working together across borders to end tax havens, tax avoidance and corruption, and to bring in progressive tax systems that are properly resourced and enforced. Tax justice enables public spending for the common good, and provides the means for economic self-sufficiency for municipal, regional and national governments.

Read PSI's statement here, listen to a RadioLabour interview of PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli.

The United Nations designated the annual World Public Services Day on 23 June to “honour those who accept the responsibilities of service to humanity and who contribute to excellence and innovation in public service institutions.”  

Pavanelli notes, however, that: “We cannot support the fact that the 2014 UN ceremony marking this day will be held in South Korea, where the rights of public services workers are systematically violated, and where the government refuses to pay heed to ILO Conventions and Recommendations.  The sad irony is that the host for this event is a government which is actually dismantling public services.”

Please email PSIWebUpdates@world-psi.org if your union is planning any special events to mark World Public Services Day on 23 June this year, so we can promote your news and photos.

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