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Water privatisation in Europe

22 January 2013
Water fountain by airdiogo
The German public TV show, Monitor, has produced an interesting piece on water privatisation threats in Europe.

The item shows how the privateers use the corridors of government to force privatisation on unwilling populations. The so-called ‘expert committees’ advising government almost always represent the interests of industry. Government then writes into law or veiled in a regulation an obscure phrase, in a forgotten paragraph stuck in the middle of a lengthy text, that suits their interests. We resist as best we can, working with a range of allies, such as CEO-TNI, to shine light on these machinations, and mobilise when we must. Please sign the EU-wide referendum from EPSU on the Right to Water:  http://www.right2water.eu/

The programme is available online here with English subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbCD8HA11sg

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