Ver.di negotiates pay rise and job security agreement for RWE workers

23 January 2015
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PSI affiliate in Germany ver.di has negotiated a successful new deal with energy company RWE, covering its 25,000 employees.

Along with a job security agreement that runs to the end of 2018, workers will get a €1200 lump sum to cover the period between 1 January and 30 June 2015. On 1 July 2015 there will be a 2.3 per cent increase to pay rates and this agreement will run to 31 December 2016. Apprentices will also see a comparable increase in pay while their lump sum will be €400.

Ver.di sees this as a good deal in the face of the challenging situation in the German energy industry. Ver.di board member Andreas Scheidt says, “As a result of this agreement, our members have a good and comprehensive protection that has been implemented in very difficult times. This is a very successful overall package that meets the needs of ver.di members and our expectations.”

Read more on ver.di website (German)

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