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Unions' view on the financial crisis

21 May 2012
The bankers got us into the financial crisis. But how do we analyze the crisis from a labour point of view? This week, RadioLabour will try to give unionists the answers.

In Paris this week ministers from the richest countries in the world will meet to discuss the economic crisis. But in all the talk about the crisis in the media you would be hard pressed to find out what labour thinks of it all.

To help unionists around the world better understand the issues being discussed on the Paris meeting, TUAC and RadioLabour have produced a series on labour's view and ideas about the financial crisis.

TUAC, The Trade Union Advisory Committee of the OECD, is considered the economic analysis body of the international labour movement. TUAC acts as an interface for unions with the OECD, and has gained substantial expertise in analyzing economic matters from a union point of view.

From May 21 to 25, RadioLabour will broadcast interviews with TUAC staff members in its daily newscasts. These are the topics for the programs:

  • The national debt crisis.
  • Unemployment and government austerity programmes.
  • The environment and sustainable development.
  • National development strategies.
  • Holding corporations accountable.
  • A new model for growth.

The programs will be available permanently on www.radiolabour.net so it can be used in union workshops and labour education classes.

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