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Union photos to say no to austerity in Europe

24 September 2013
Logo No to cuts in public spending
The European Public Services Federation EPSU is organising a campaign to obtain 1,000 pictures of workers from across Europe showing their disagreement with austerity measures.

The European Council takes place on 24-25 October. This meeting will have European economic governance and the social dimension of the EU on its agenda. So in the weeks before this important event the pictures should be taken and sent.

For full details, including campaign images and posters for download, see this page.

Please take pictures of workers/members at the workplace with a message around common symbols/logos across the EU. In addition, shop stewardsand members can reach out across the work place and ask other colleagues to join in, for example in a local union branch, a library, hospital or elderly care home, and call on staff to come out at coffee or lunch for a picture in front of their work place, for the picture to be taken and sent to national governments, ministers, employers as well as the EU. Show them we do not agree!

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