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Trade unions and sustainable development for intermediary cities

03 October 2013
Alain Le Saux, General Secretary of Metropolis (the world association for major metropolises), was the moderator for the session entitled Planning and financing intermediary cities during the World summit of local and regional leaders in Rabat, 1-4 October 2013.

During the session, mayors from cities with a population of around 50,000 presented their policy for sustainability, cooperation and innovation.

Mustafa Bozbey, Mayor of Nilufer, Turkey, explains that the municipality that he heads has created neighbourhood committees that are consulted for all major decisions. Trade union representatives are present on the committees.

Luciano Rezende, Mayor of Vittoria, Brazil, says that he also works with trade unions. His municipality is moving towards a public system and consults the population on the best way to use taxes.

"Local authorities have to realise that the traditional social dialogue between governments, employers and workers has evolved and they need to listen to civil society actors, including trade unions," says Alain Le Saux. In many countries this is still at apprenticeship level but things are evolving and local and regional governments are recognising the importance of trade unions as vital partners for sustainable development of intermediate cities.

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