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A social model worth fighting to save

21 May 2014
Many PSI members want to know how public services unions in Europe are opposing and fighting for an alternative to the unprecedented attack on workers and unions rights. They recognise that the European unions contributed to building this social model, through collective bargaining and social dialogue, which provides the basis for equitable distribution of wealth, including universal access to quality public services. This model is unique, special, and is the aspiration of many workers in the world.

This model is worth fighting to save says PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli during her keynote address at the EPSU 9th Congress held in Toulouse, France, 20-23 May 2014. Rosa introduced the discussion on Resolution n. 3 “Strengthening workers’ rights and employment in Europe through collective bargaining, social dialogue and industrial action”.

Download and read Rosa Pavanelli's full speech on our website.

For more information see the EPSU Congress website:http://www.epsucongress2014.eu/

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