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PSI Tax Justice & Anti-Corruption Forum

23 May 2014
More than 100 members of affiliate unions of Public Services International (PSI) came together from across the Americas for a Tax Justice and Anti-Corruption Forum in Buenos Aires, Argentina in late April 2014.

The event was hosted by La Asociación del Personal de los Organismos de Control (APOC), in connection with the 10th anniversary meeting of the Unión Latinoamericana de Trabajadores de Organismos de Control. (Please see the ULATOC website for news and documents related to those proceedings.)

Guest speakers for the Tax Justice and Anti-Corruption Forum included: Dr. Hector Rodriguez, tax expert (Argentina); Milt Isaacs, President, Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO-ACAF); Déborah Itriago, Oxfam Intermón economic justice researcher; Elizabeth Villagomez, UN Women economic governance advisor (Panama); Luis Moreno, economist and director, LATINDAD (Peru); Enrique Daza Gamba, founder and director of the Centro de Estudios del Trabajo (Colombia); Teresa Marshall, PSI communications coordinator, and Daniel Bertossa, PSI senior policy and advocacy officer. (Please see the following links for individual speakers’ presentations.)

Union leaders made specific commitments to involve their members and join together in civil society coalitions to advance tax justice and anti-corruption initiatives. Another outcome of the forum was a strong statement on the need for coordinated action on tax justice and anti-corruption:

Public Services International Tax Justice and Anti-Corruption Declaration

Briefing on tax justice issues - Inter America




Photos of the event

ULATOC documents (en español)

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