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Pinocchio award presented to Veolia in Nagpur

04 February 2014
Pinocchio award
As a corollary to the main award ceremony held in Paris, five organizations, including PSI, organized an award presentation ceremony in Nagpur on 25 January 2014.
Every year, three French international associations give the Pinocchio award to multinational companies violating social and environmental rights. Veolia Water was selected for 2013's award for encouraging abuse and profits rather than the right to water in India especially in Nagpur.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation Employees Association, Joint Committee of Unorganized Employees, New Delhi-based National Platform Against Water Privatization (NPAWP), Indian Action Social Forum and Public Services International organized an award presentation ceremony in Nagpur on 25 January 2014.

The speakers in the occasion included, Jammu Anand, President of NMCEA, S.A. Naqvi, National Coordinator of NPAWP and Manoranjan Pegu, project coordinator of Public Services International, South Asia. While Jammu Anand explained the awards to the participants, thereby highlighting the ill impacts of the Nagpur 24 x 7 water supply project, Naqvi, talked about the water scenario in Delhi. Manoranjan Pegu focused on the newly emerging trend of Re-municipalisation.

The house dedicated the award also to the leader Nitin Gadkari for vehemently supporting the Nagpur project and even highlighting it as a model project.

A news item has been published in the Times of India here

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