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Italy: Youth unemployment rising dramatically

05 September 2012
Girl on bicycle
The financial crisis has severe effects on the younger generations. One out of three young Italians are unemployed, according to the Italian National Institute of Statistics.

Unemployment, and youth employment in particular, is rising dramatically in Italy, according to the latest statistics from the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT).

More than 618,000 young Italians are in search of work, which is an uneployment rate of almost 34 %. This is 7.4 percentage points higher than one yar ago.

Compared with statistics of the whole population, it turns out that the youth unemployment rises much faster than for the total population.

The total unemployment rate in Italy is now 10,5 %2.5 percentage points higher than one year ago. In addition to the uneployed, Italy has three million temporary workers.

Most severely hit by the unemployment are girls in the Southern part of Italy (Mezzogiorno), with an unemployment rate of 48 %.

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