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North America

The Washington Office

Contact: Mark Langevin - Subregional Secretary

Address: 1200 18th Street NW #700 - Washington, D.C. 20036 - USA

Telephone: 202-744-0072

Email: mark.langevin@world-psi.org

Assessing the performance of New York’s electricity utility Consolidated Edison after Hurricane Sandy

10 February 2014

The Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) assessed the performance of New York’s electricity utility Consolidated Edison after Hurricane Sandy. The findings are very disturbing. In part because of these efforts, New York State Public Service Commission recently launched an operations audit of staffing levels of major energy utilities.

End the double standard for patient care and service workers

28 January 2014
worker making bed

The leadership of the University of California treats its lowest paid workers like second class citizens.

In 2013, the university granted safe staffing standards to its nurses, but they refuse to offer similar protections to AFSCME represented workers.

Fatigued nurses more likely to regret their clinical decisions, study shows

22 January 2014

Fatigued nurses are more likely to express concern that they made a wrong decision about a patient's care, according to a study in the January issue of American Journal of Critical Care (AJCC).

FirstEnergy locks out utility workers in US

28 November 2013
Demonstrators holding banners, one saying "I want to work"

FirstEnergy Corp. – one of the largest electric power corporations in the United States – locked out 150 members of the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) in the early morning hours of November 25, three days before the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.

Stand with Detroit! - the video

01 November 2013

"The potential bankruptcy in Detroit is not solely a Detroit crisis; it is an American crisis. Financially devastated cities all across our nation are now struggling for their survival. The outcome in Detroit affects all of us and that’s why the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is calling for an urban agenda to strengthen our great cities. AFSCME will not give up on Detroit or the workers who built the city — and neither should you."- Lee Saunders, President, AFSCME

American union stands with UN workers in struggle for rights

28 October 2013
Group of AFT members holiding banner supporting the UN workers

PSI affiliate the American Federation of Teachers Executive Council has passed a resolution to support United Nations staff as they fight to have a voice in the decisions that affect their working conditions, professional careers and quality of life.

Support our Action! Sign the Letter!

05 October 2013
Global Unions

Open Letter to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon concerning Trade Union and Civil Society Inclusion at the High-level Dialogue on Migration and Development New York, October 3-4, 2013