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End the double standard for patient care and service workers

28 January 2014
worker making bed
The leadership of the University of California treats its lowest paid workers like second class citizens.

In 2013, the university granted safe staffing standards to its nurses, but they refuse to offer similar protections to AFSCME represented workers.

The University of California Patient Care and Service workers represented by AFSCME Local 3299 are predominantly people of color and the lowest paid workers in the University of California system. For more than 20 months they have been engaged in good faith negotiations to win safe staffing protections that would arrest the skyrocketing rates of workplace injury on campus and the growing avalanche of government fines against University of California medical centers.

Yet the University of California is using a double standard when it comes to patient care and service workers, refusing to offer the same staffing safeguards, wage fairness, and benefits that they have already granted to other University of California employees.

A first class university doesn’t have second class workers. We are asking you to take immediate action to end the double standard being applied to University of California Patient Care and Service workers, and to provide these devoted University of California employees with a fair and equitable contract settlement.

Demand fairness for University of California workers, watch the video and sign the petition here.

UC union workers to hold strike vote in February

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