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Strong Union Contract Ends Eight Week Work Stoppage

18 August 2014
Photo UWUA

Utility workers in Pittsburgh, USA, have ratified a new union contract that includes solid job protections for working families and ends an eight-week work stoppage by nearly 150 union workers at four Pennsylvania-American Water worksites throughout the Pittsburgh area.

American Water benefits slash illegal, says Labour Relations Board

09 August 2014
UWUA logo

On 31 July, the U.S. National Labor Relations Board declared that American Water illegally slashed healthcare and other benefits for 3,200 workers in nearly 70 different bargaining units in fifteen states across the U.S.

Water is a human right, and not just in Detroit

29 July 2014

The heat is on in Detroit, where the public water utility is cutting off water supply for non-payers. This new policy of water shutoffs, leaving thousands of families without access to running water, has sparked a mobilisation with global implications.

Harris v. Quinn: PSI stands with all unions in the USA in the fight for social justice

03 July 2014
Scenes showing home care workers and their clients outside the Harris v. Quinn press conference at Supreme Court - Washington, DC - Photo by David Sachs / SEIU

Public Services International (PSI) condemns the continuing attacks on trade union rights for public sector workers in the USA. The conservative majority of the US Supreme Court this week, in Harris v. Quinn, attacked the rights of home care workers and invites further legal challenges. This decision is the result of years of plotting, manipulating and massive financing from neo-conservative pressure groups. It demonstrates the growing corporate power in the USA, and confirms their strategy of undermining all trade unions.

PSAC activists to attend WorldPride Human Rights Conference

19 June 2014

From June 25-29, Toronto will be hosting the WorldPride Human Rights Conference and PSI affiliate the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) will be there. The conference will bring together GLBT activists from around the world, including many from countries where homosexuality is punishable by life in prison.

As a demonstration of the union’s commitment to queer and trans rights, PSAC will be sending a delegation of union members to participate. This will give the union’s GLBT activists the chance to share stories, gain inspiration, and participate in the global fight for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans human rights.

TISA- commodifying public services?

11 June 2014

In-depth news report from RCI Radio Canada International. The reporter Marc Montgomery had read about our TISA report in a German newspaper and gave writer Scott Sinclair a call.

PSI at the Inter-American Development Bank

21 May 2014

Since the 2013 meeting of the PSI Inter-American Regional Executive Committee (IAMREC), held in Washington, D.C., PSI leaders and staff have intensified efforts to engage the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to improve working conditions and strengthen labor rights in the region.