Gender equality

“Women hold up half the sky – get used to it.” That message, painted on a sign at a demonstration, tells only half the story. In many ways, women do more than their share: caring for the next generation and elderly parents, household duties, and contributing economically. Women are more than equal in the responsibilities they assume. This must be matched with political, economic and social equality.

CUPE pay equity victory

28 August 2013

After more than 12 years, the City of Montréal is bowing to the arguments of the City’s white-collar workers’ union and opting to settle the issue of pay equity for these workers once and for all.

Pay equity victory in Canada

03 July 2013
PSAC logo

On 27 June, PSI affiliate the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) announced the conclusion to a 30-year pay equity struggle against Canada Post. It's the longest pay equity struggle in Canada and a victory for PSAC members and for all workers.

Public Services International at the World Social Forum, Tunis 2013

15 April 2013

Public Services International had the strongest global union presence at the World Social Forum 26-30 March 2013 in Tunis, Tunisia. PSI hosted and co-sponsored numerous events on trade union rights, youth, water, women’s issues, tax justice, energy and climate change.

Empowerment of women workshop

15 April 2013

This workshop, organised by PSI and its affiliates at the World Social Forum in Tunis, explored how trade unions around the world are supporting the empowerment of women and making gender issues and women more visible and effective in their organisations and in society. Special attention was given to pay equity policies and actions to end violence against women.

Let's rethink childcare

04 April 2013

Children and families in Canada have a right to access quality, affordable childcare services. Yet, only 20% of young children today have access to a regulated space and, in many regions, childcare fees are the second highest expense for young families.

Asia-Pacific Regional Women's Committee

03 April 2013
PSI Asia Pacific WOC members with Rosa Pavanelli

PSI's Asia Pacific Women's Committee members meet in Singapore to determine the priorities for the coming year.

Let the spring flowers blossom: The rise of Arab trade union women leaders

26 March 2013
PSI women's leadership seminar in Tunis prior to the World Social Forum

They continue to live with the realities of ongoing wars and revolutions, discrimination and abuse, but Arab women are finding ways to organise for a better future through sisterhood and trade union solidarity across borders.