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In India, Electricity Engineers and Employees to Hold a "Dharna" in front of the Parliament

30 March 2018
On April 3, members of National Coordinating committee of Engineers and Employees (NCCOEEE) will take part in a massive non-violent sit-in protest in front of the Parliament against the passing of Electricity (Amendment) Bill, which will extend privatisation in the electricity distribution.

The Bill has not incorporated many of the suggestions made by the Employees but has been put in the agenda of Lok Sabha and can come up any time. NCCOEEE wants 100 percent population must be given access to electricity and secondly all power utilities must have sound financial health.

Main Demands:

1. Review of Electricity Act, 2003 and it's adverse effects and Integration of the all Power Utilities in one Corporation in States.

2. Stop unilateral enactment of proposed Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2014 in Parliament without prior discussion with the representatives of organisations of electricity employees and engineers as assured by the former Minister of Power, Government of India in several meetings which took place between Power Minister, its officials and leaders of NCCOEEE in 2015 and 2016.

3. Government of India as well State Governments should consider the recommendation of the National Seminar on Power —"Present and future Perspectives" held at Bengaluru on 17th and 1 8th November 2017 to save the public owned Power Sector from total bankruptcy.

4. Comply Apex Court order for 'Equal Wage for Equal Work' and stop engagement of contract workers in regular operation and maintenance jobs pending regularization of existing contractor workers.

5. Implement old pension scheme for all power employees recruited after unbundling /April, 2004.

6. Ensure safe working condition in risk prone jobs in Electricity industry.

7. Stop transfer of natural energy resources to the hands of private capitalists.

8. Stop disinvestment in Energy Sector PSUs of India

9. Ensure 'Right to Energy as Human Rights.

NCCOEEE held a Demonstration / Rally at all State Capitals on 14th March 2018 and now holding the March to Parliament on 3rd April 2018. Members are all prepared to hold a One day Lightning Strike / Work Boycott by all power employees and engineers in case Central Govt takes step to rush through Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2014 unilaterally in Parliament.

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