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Appeal for solidarity with Greek unions

13 February 2012

PSI stands in solidarity with the Greek trade union movement.  

The general strike on 11-12 February demonstrated opposition against the proposal to reduce the minimum wage to 520€ and to abolish collective agreements. “This is punishing those workers who have problems to survive. It is aggravating the social crisis and amounts to a form of social warfare from the top.  The “catastroika” (the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and the European Union) also demands a reform of the pension system. Only when these conditions are fulfilled will Greece receive the 130 billion euros it needs to keep paying the interest of the debt to private banks.

EPSU and PSI calls all its European affiliates to send messages of solidarity to our Greeks colleagues in this moment of need.

Please send the messages of solidarity to:  adedyed@adedy.gr and adedy@adedy.gr

And cc epsu: psanchez@epsu.org


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