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Africa must make tax work for the people, say regional leaders

10 October 2013
PSI participants from African affiliates
PSI affiliate members from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of Benin and Tunisia joined trade union leaders from 30 countries at the ITUC-Africa forum “Moving Africa’s development and industrialisation agenda forward: Trade union alternatives” in Accra, Ghana from 23-25 September, 2013.

PSI delegates contributed to the discussion and outcomes of the forum. An effective social protection floor was reaffirmed as a necessary element of any sustainable transformation agenda. It was noted, however, that illicit financial flows and other forms of tax evasion have eroded financial resources for social necessities such as public education, healthcare, sanitation and nutrition.

The forum agreed to mobilise African workers, organisations, global unions and progressive civil society organisations through an advocacy tax justice campaign to end harmful tax incentives, tax evasion, illicit financial flow, asset theft and tax havens so as to increase the chances for domestic resource mobilisation.

The tax justice campaign will also fight for the adoption of a Financial Transactions Tax to further increase financing post-2015 Millennium Development Goals. Moments such as Africa Industrialisation Day (28 November), May Day (1 May) and other important dates will used to increase awareness and action for this campaign.


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