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Caribbean Sub-regional Women’s Advisory Committee meeting - SUBWOC (Jamaica)

15 February, 2017
09.15 - 17.30
Hotel Four Seasons | Kingston, Jamaica
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The Sub-regional Women’s Advisory Committee (SUBWOC) meets on the day preceding the Sub-regional Advisory Committee (SUBRAC) meeting and comprises women representatives attending that meeting. The chair is Sis Jillian Bartlett (NUGFW TT), the Caribbean Women’s Titular. The SUBWOC meets annually. In accordance with PSI’s constitution, the number of representatives attending the SUBWOC meeting must be at least 50% of the number of representatives attending the SUBRAC meeting.

“Taking the bull by the horns”

During the meeting, the committee deliberates on a wide range of issues and in general advises on:

  1. ways to promote the full development of the potential of women in trade unions and in their workplaces;
  2. activities and campaigns that would compensate for the results of discrimination against women at all organisational levels within unions;
  3. ways that affiliates might work to achieve fair and equitable recognition of women’s contributions within unions and in paid employment;
  4. ways to support the work of the wider trade union movement in achieving gender equality and equity.

Women activists in public services unions use this opportunity to deliberate and make recommendations on ways to achieve gender equality and equity. Equally important, members examine and articulate their perspectives on a wide range of issues.

The meeting also seeks to Inform, Educate and Motivate/Inspire committee members.

Our discussions are strategic, using the realities that affiliates face to identify was to promote quality public services and to influence national and regional decision-making. The discussions pay particular attention to what needs to be done and the methods used to achieve the results we want.

“Gender equality and equity have been important rallying cries for PSI for several decades. PSI was the first global union to introduce a policy of parity between men and women for political representation purposes. And we now call on it to be the first global union to produce a Programme of Action (PoA) that mainstreams gender. This means the organisation as a whole, both men and women, and not exclusively women, will take responsibility for putting gender equality into practice.

To achieve this objective, Women's Committees at all levels have an essential advisory role and a duty to bring forward proposals to PSI's statutory decision-making bodies, in both the pre-Congress period and later, during implementation of the PoA during 2018-22.”

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