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Stand for democracy at work on Human Rights Day!

10 December, 2014
SEIU, US. Photo: Carrie Sloan, Creative Commons
“Everyone must enjoy full access to decent work, education, health, safety and peace,” says Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary. On International Human Rights Day, PSI calls on its affiliates and activists to unite and stand firm against the attack on core labour rights and freedoms.

Over the last few years, an unprecedented attempt to limit freedom of association and the right to strike has unfolded within the International Labour Organization (ILO). Since 2012, the employers’ organizations have tried to rule out the right to strike.

As a result, the very essence of democracy at work is at risk, with additional pressure for trade unions at the national level.

Not surprisingly, precarious work is on the increase almost everywhere while social protest tends to be criminalised, seriously threatening the achievements of social dialogue.

With the support of international financial institutions and lobbied by corporate interests, governments continue to pursue an ultra-liberal agenda, along with failing austerity measures.

Yet, the trade union movement keeps fighting.

Workers’ organisations are at the forefront in opposing a new wave of trade agreements that might commodify public services and question national sovereignty, while benefiting multinationals, instead of the workers and taxpayers.

Trade unions keep mobilising for tax justice, calling for an end to tax havens, tax competition and to tax breaks for international companies that do not create jobs, but rather destroy them.

The trade union movement continues to build bridges across borders, striving to ensure living wages and decent working conditions for millions of migrant workers.

“From the attack on democracy at work to the dismantlement of public services, there seems to be a coordinated strategy eroding some fundamental human rights,” says Rosa Pavanelli, General Secretary of PSI.

“Amongst the many challenges ahead, millions of people are also deprived of their rights because of natural disasters, the impact of climate change and endless conflicts.”

“PSI remains strongly committed to ensure that the international community pursues real sustainable development goals and that everyone enjoys full human rights, such as decent work, education, health, safety and peace.”

Download a PDF of the statement in English


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