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PSI at the Global Dialogue Forum on Collective Bargaining in the Public Service

15 April 2014
PSI took part in the Global Dialogue Forum on Challenges to Collective Bargaining in the Public Service which was held at the ILO, Geneva, on 2-3 April 2014. The Forum brought together participants from governments, employer participants and worker participants nominated by the Employers’ group and the Workers’ group of the Governing Body, respectively. It examined an Issues paper prepared by the Office.

Tripartite participants discussed how the economic and financial crisis has impacted collective bargaining in the public service and other challenges to the development of good labour relations, with a view to adopting points of consensus on a way forward, based on the results of the discussion of the General Survey 2013.

Rosa Pavanelli was the spokesperson for the Workers’ Group in the Global Dialogue Forum. PSI cooperated with Education International to ensure all regions were well represented.

While it was not an easy debate, the consensus points of the meeting reflect the challenges public sector workers face. We do look forward to concrete outcomes and follow-up by the ILO and all constituents.

A full report by the ILO will be released shortly and distributed to all PSI affiliates and published on this website.

Download the Points of consensus.

Download more documents related to this event here.


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