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What we do

Our voices are heard around the world. Public Services International campaigns for social and economic justice, and efficient, accessible public services around the world.

We support local and regional campaigns. We work closely with affiliated unions to promote free collective bargaining, to protect workers’ rights, and to fight for gender equality, equity and dignity for all.

PSI supports affiliated unions through union development projects to build both on-the-ground capacity and international solidarity. This is especially important in countries where workers must fight for recognition of their unions.

PSI presents the case for quality public services in many forums. These include the International Labour Organisation and other United Nations bodies, the World Bank and regional development banks, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organisation, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and many others.

Public Services International campaigns to achieve:

  • Social justice
  • Quality public services for all
  • Poverty reduction and debt relief
  • Gender equality and employment equity
  • Free collective bargaining
  • A strong and united union movement