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US to increase pressure on Guatemala over workers’ rights

24 September 2014
PSI welcomes the United States decision to push ahead with legal action to make Guatemala meet international standards on labour rights and working conditions.

When DR-CAFTA was signed, both parties promised to enforce their own labour laws and respect international labour standards, so that increased trade and investment would lead to better jobs and economic opportunities. Unfortunately, this has not been the reality for Guatemala’s workers.

PSI in collaboration with its US affiliates, Guatemalan trade unions and the international trade union movement have repeatedly voiced their concerns over the ongoing failure of the judicial system to bring sentences against those responsible for the assassinations of trade unionists.

PSI has already sent two high-level delegations to the country to meet with President Otto Pérez Molina concluding with a commitment to ratify ILO Convention 151.

The United States’ decision to proceed with a labour enforcement case against Guatemala under the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA) is a clear message that respecting workers’ rights are essential to trade and investment relationships.

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