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PSI-Japan Council lobbies to promote women’s empowerment

15 March 2016
Ten people (seven women and three men) representing the All-Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union, the Japan Public Sector Union and All Japan Water Supply Workers Union participated in the lobbying activity. The move was part of the Women’s Committee’s activities relating to the 8th of March.

Women's Committee of the Public Services International (PSI) lobbied the government, political parties and the Japanese Parliamentarian League on the ILO Activities on March 3 to ensure that employers promote women’s empowerment in an appropriate manner under new legislation.

Under the law aimed at promoting women’s empowerment that has now come into force, all local governments and private companies with at least 301 employees are mandated to draw up action plans on women’s empowerment by the end of March. The Women’s Committee urged that action plans on each category of workers, including non-regular workers, be assessed and that a work-life balance be taken into account.

In response, an official of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said, “The government will try to ensure transparency, but it is necessary for outsiders to verify whether employers have drawn up action plans and to assess their contents.”

A representative of the largest opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) responded that the party “needs to ask the government questions about the issue in relevant Diet committees and urge the government to ensure that employers work out action plans that also cover non-regular workers.”

Based on the request by the Women’s Committee, the DPJ will ask the government questions on the issue during a House of Representatives Cabinet Committee session and in deliberations commissioned (in other relevant committees) by the House of Councillors Budget Committee.









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