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PSI Asia Pacific Regional Forum on Quality Public Services

16 October, 2013 to 18 October, 2013
08.15 - 17.30
Bangkok, Thailand
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PSI’s Asia Pacific Regional Office is hosting a forum on quality public services on 16-18 October 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. The forum will highlight discussion on the priority public services issues of the region, evaluating union strengths and strategies to take the issues to a further level.

PSI’s World Congress in November 2012 identified broad areas of work; this event is about collective actions and regional initiatives for growth and mobilization of our union members. The forum format will combine discussion of PSI’s thematic and sectoral issues.

APREC members, sectoral network coordinators and staff will facilitate the various sessions.

Keynote speakers and outside resource persons have also been invited to provide additional inputs and information. More than 100 PSI affiliate participants from our affiliates have registered to date.

Download the programme (PDF) for more information.

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