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No more impunity – trade deals must assure justice for workers in Guatemala

08 August 2013

The global union federation Public Services International is leading an international delegation of trade union leaders to meet with Guatemala’s President and leading ministers on August 13-14, 2013. The delegation will press demands that the government take immediate steps to stop all violence directed at trade unions and their members and to ensure workers’ lives and legal rights are respected in Guatemala. The mission includes union leaders from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and the United States.

G20 must deal with the jobs crisis

17 July 2013
L20 logo

Public Services International at the L20 Summit, Moscow, July 2013

Public Services International General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli joined trade union leaders at the Labour 20 Summit in Moscow from 16-19 July, 2013, in advance of consultation with the G20 Labour Ministers.

Tax justice and investment in public services are key to ending inequality in Brazil

28 June 2013
Protests in Rio de Janeiro 20 June 2013 by Semilla Luz

Following days of massive public protests in the streets of Brazil, Public Services International welcomed the news that, in a meeting on 26 June with Brazilian trade union leaders, the country’s President emphasized her commitment to consulting with workers on any labour reform proposals, and to addressing the need to improve quality public services.

Global Unions Call for Immediate End to Repression in Turkey

20 June 2013

Global Unions, collectively representing over 200 million union members, including in Turkey, stand in solidarity with the people of Turkey. Our organisations wish to reiterate their serious concern at the repeated use of brutal and excessive measures including rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon by government security forces against people peacefully exercising their rights.

Media release: World Public Services Day 2013

20 June 2013

A global tax justice movement rises: The new fight to end inequality

On 23 June, World Public Services Day, PSI stands with the world’s largest labour and non-governmental organisations in “putting world leaders on notice – members of civil society are uniting for tax justice everywhere.”

Ride for workers' rights and social justice follows 'Route of Shame'

12 June 2013

[Geneva, Switzerland] Led by members of the global union federation Public Services International (PSI), trade union leaders from around the world will join in a ‘Route of Shame’ bicycle ride Wednesday 12 June and visit missions and embassies in Geneva, Switzerland to draw attention to countries which consistently violate workers’ rights.

Call to PSI affiliates to join the campaign for tax justice

24 May 2013
Rosa Pavanelli and demonstrators in Geneva

While PSI members and the people they serve are being forced to take cuts in jobs and public services, multinational corporations, financiers and the obscenely rich hide their piles of money in offshore tax havens. The governments we work for are handing ever more generous tax giveaways to banks, big business and the wealthy.
It’s deeply unfair. It shifts the burden away from those who already have the most and drops it on ordinary people. Unfair taxes create poverty and inequality as they relentlessly shift wealth to the elite 1%.