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IAMRECON registration procedure

6 November, 2014

Registration for IAMRECON is closed. Registration will be done exclusively on-line by the PSI Regional Secretariat in coordination with all PSI Inter-American staff.

Registration in: English - French - Spanish - Portuguese

Fill in the on-line registration form

This registration refers ONLY to delegation members i.e. delegates and/or observers who are allowed to attend the Conference in accordance to the PSI Constitution, based on Article 6.5, which says that: affiliated organisations, which have fulfilled their obligations in accordance with Article 4, “Affiliation Fees” shall be entitled to representation in accordance with their averaged paid-up membership over the last period since the last conference (2010 - 2015 inclusive), or since their affiliation to PSI, whichever is the latest.

Article 6.6

Affiliates’ representation is based on the following schedule. Each gender should be equally represented where there is more than one delegate unless this is not feasible due to very significant over-representation of one gender within the affiliate’s membership.

  • Up to 5.000 members: 1 delegate
  • From 5.001 to 10.000 members: 2 delegates
  • From 10.001 to 20.000 members: 3 delegates
  • From 20.001 to 35.000 members: 4 delegates
  • From 35.001 to 50.000 members: 5 delegates
  • From 50.001 to 100.000 members: 6 delegates
  • One more delegate per each 50.000 additional quota members and/or fraction of this amount.

Please note that one of the delegates should be nominated as “Head of Delegation” which is necessary for voting procedures.

a) Observers (Annex 4.b): “Affiliated organisations may send observers on the basis of one per 100,000 paid-up members and/or part thereof. Each gender should be equally represented, where there is more than one observer, unless this is not feasible due to very significant over-representation of one gender within the affiliate’s membership”.

b) Union visitors: Union visitors are people who will be participating at the Conference on behalf of a PSI affiliate but not as a delegate or an observer, because the number for delegation members outlined above has already been completed.

c) Guests: These are people from non-affiliated organisations who are specifically invited to participate by PSI.

Please keep in mind that:

PSI is sponsoring hotel (double room) for at least 30 delegates from each subregion (except USA and Canada). The beneficiaries will be chosen in advance by their own sub-regions.

There will be also an extra sponsorship for ALL Young Workers attending as a delegate or an observer.

When you fill in the application form you must indicate, among other information, activities or groups which you would like to participate. This form must be completed ONLY by delegates or statutory observers. Other participants without statutory right to representation in the Conference (such as family members, journalists, visitors, guests) will only be indicated on the form.

In case you need assistance, please, get in touch with the PSI staff member responsible for your region/country. You also can obtain more information on IAMRECON through our website: www.world-psi.org/IAMRECON2015

Let's work together so we can continue building a strong, democratic and participatory PSI!

Fill in the on-line registration form


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