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The day Greece’s TVs went dark

20 June 2013
At 11.30 on the evening of 12 June, the TV screens in the Thessaloniki office of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) went blank. Black. For a few moments there was the silence of shock and disbelief.

For more, please read this special Red Pepper magazine report from regular PSI writer Hilary Wainwright http://www.redpepper.org.uk/day-greece-tv-went-dark/


The staff of the Greek public broadcaster ERT re-occupied the building on 18 June, after the constitutional court ruled on 17 June that the government closure had been illegal. One of the first things broadcast from the re-opened station was a two-day seminar, organised by Public Services International Research Unit and other colleagues at the University of Greenwich, in collaboration with Greek groups, including Syriza.  The project is led by Lefteris Kretsos, a Greenwich lecturer and researcher, and Jane Lethbridge of PSIRU.

The session was streamed live on  http://www.thepressproject.gr/live/44213/sinedrio. Further down the screen is the recorded video, which included presentations from PSIRU’s Dave Hall and Jane Lethbridge (permanent Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySoPzOJ-de4&feature=player_embedded ).  Also included are bios of everyone speaking at the seminar.

The seminar was originally planned to be held in a neighbouring municipality, but after discussions with the Greek groups it was decided to switch the seminar to ERT. The decision was taken before the court ruling was known: if the court had supported the closure, the seminar would have been conducted outside the ERT building, with those demonstrating for the reopening of ERT.


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