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Direitos sindicais

A conjuntura mundial afeta os sindicatos de serviços públicos do mundo todo. O impacto das políticas das instituições financeiras internacionais ou das medidas de privatização, subcontratação ou outras denominadas “reformas” que afetarão os serviços públicos, nos levam a todos a lutar por interesses comuns.

PT: Trade union development

15 February 2016

Translate into PT: Free and democratic trade unions are built on solidarity – people working together for improvements in the workplace and the community. Through PSI, unions around the world work together to support each other. Established unions share their knowledge and experience with unions that have fewer resources. This assistance ranges from help with developing tools to serve members, to resource and education materials, to international support in upholding members’ rights.

PT: Trade union rights news

15 February 2016

Translate into PT: All work has dignity, and all workers deserve to be treated with respect by their employers. Trade unions play a decisive role in improving working conditions, safety and wages – yet some governments and employers systematically abuse the right of workers to join existing unions or form new ones. PSI works actively to support the right of workers to free collective bargaining, and to help stop abuses when they occur.