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Free trade Agreements (FTAs)

Especially since Seattle 1999, trade unions and regional and global justice movements have been fighting against unfair trade deals. These deals are part
of the process of trade liberalization. Throughout the Inter-Americas, people have seen and are feeling the negative impacts of unfair free trade: loss of local markets especially for agricultural products; depressed wages; lower tax revenues; migration of workers.

In addition, workers’ rights, women’s rights and the rights of indigenous peoples have been targeted and there is a growing lack of respect for basic human rights. Public services, including public procurement, as well as industrial development are also feeling the negative effects. The Doha round of multilateral negotiations is in crisis and privateers are pushing for bilateral and regional free trade agreements. Many countries in the Inter-Americas are at one and the same time engaged in bilateral and multilateral negotiations with Canada, the USA, the European Union and Asia.

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