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Towards Energy Democracy

Video: Towards Energy Democracy

06 September 2016

Towards Energy Democracy

Misguided privatisation in Pakistan

03 March 2014

PSI affiliate the Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Central Labour Union (WAPDA) is fighting the latest misguided privatisation push in Pakistan. The union is mobilising members from across the country and is reaching out to community groups, academics and elected officials to resist the pressure from the IMF, the World Bank, and possibly the USA to privatise not only the national electricity system but also a number of other public assets.

Nigeria: Privatisation forced at gunpoint

07 August 2012
Man with microphone speaking

Nigeria is privatising the public power holding company, and employees were forced at gunpoint to listen to speeches from the Minister of Power and the Minister of Labour. "Is Nigeria still a military dictatorship?" asks PSI in a letter to President Goodluck Jonathan.

Pakistan electricity workers celebrate Safety Day on 18 July

17 July 2012
Man working on power lines

On 18 July, electricity staff in Pakistan will be celebrating Safety Day to promote a safer preventive culture in all the workplaces of the country’s largest national public utility. The employers are also promoting this special day, to encourage workers to observe safety regulations and avoid accidents.

Pakistan: Union threatens to suspend power supply

19 March 2012

On 4 March 2012, leaders of the Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Labour Union threatened to suspend supply of electricity in Sindh in the first phase of their protest if the government does not shelve privatisation plan of Wapda, end load-shedding and bring down the power tariff.

Pakistan: Mobilisation against privatisation of the electricity sector

20 December 2011

Public Services International sent a letter to Pakistani trade unions on 20 December 2011 strongly supporting the national mobilisation against privatisation of the electricity sector. Experience shows that electricity privatisation is a disaster for almost all involved, except perhaps a very few who manage to squeeze profits from rising tariffs, reduced wages, increased outsourcing and precarious labour, and other unethical practices.

Desertec: what are the implications for Africa?

22 Nov 2011

The Desertec plan is a highly ambitious, large-scale project designed to harness renewable energy such as solar and wind power to generate large amounts of electricity. It will do this by establishing solar as well as wind plants in the Sahara desert in countries such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Water, electricity and the political context in Arab countries 2011

22 Nov 2011

This report examines the electricity and water sectors in North African and Middle Eastern countries. It consists of three sections. The first section examines the political, economic and global context as of September 2011. The second section examines the water sector. The third section examines the electricity sector.

Nigerian army takes over public power facilities

21 November 2011
Nigerian army takes over public power facilities

The National Union of Electricity Employees deplored the Nigerian government’s deployment of troops on 14 November to guard public power company installations nationwide. They described the action as irrational, considering that talks are still ongoing over the privatisation of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria.

World Social Forum Dakar 2011

28 June 2011
World Social Forum Dakar 2011

PSI utilities officer David Boys tells us about the nature and mechanisms of worldwide privatization of key public services such as water, energy, waste treatment and pension funds in an interview at the 2011 World Social Forum in Dakar.