PSI event

Sub-regional Advisory Committee for Oceania - OSRAC (Auckland)

15 February, 2017 to 17 February, 2017

Sub-regional Advisory Committee for East Asia - EASRAC (Seoul)

14 February, 2017 to 15 February, 2017

Sub-regional Advisory Committee for South Asia - SASRAC (Colombo)

7 February, 2017 to 8 February, 2017

Caribbean Sub-regional Women’s Advisory Committee meeting - SUBWOC (Jamaica)

15 February, 2017

The Sub-regional Women’s Advisory Committee (SUBWOC) meets on the day preceding the Sub-regional Advisory Committee (SUBRAC) meeting and comprises women representatives attending that meeting. The chair is Sis Jillian Bartlett (NUGFW TT), the Caribbean Women’s Titular. The SUBWOC meets annually. In accordance with PSI’s constitution, the number of representatives attending the SUBWOC meeting must be at least 50% of the number of representatives attending the SUBRAC meeting.

Caribbean Sub-regional Advisory Committee meeting - SUBRAC (Jamaica)

16 February, 2017 to 17 February, 2017

The Caribbean Sub-regional Advisory Committee (SUBRAC) meets annually. The SUBRAC is a PSI advisory body comprising representatives from affiliates who “facilitate the consultation process at sub-regional level on policy issues and work programme implementation, and who participate in exchange and dialogue on issues relevant to PSI affiliates.”

High-Level Policy Forum & OECD Health Ministerial (Paris)

16 January, 2017 to 17 January, 2017

Public Services International (PSI) and The Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC) will be participating and contributing to the High-Level Policy Forum on 16 January and OECD Health Ministerial on 17 January 2017.

Project culmination conference on migration (Johannesburg)

13 January, 2017

The Culmination Conference of the PSI Project on Decent Work and Social Protection for Migrant Workers in the Public Services is taking place at the Reef Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa on 13 January 2017.