PSI event

Culmination Conference of the PSI Project on Decent Work and Social Protection for Migrant Workers in the Public Services (Philippines)

28 November, 2016 to 30 November, 2016

The PSI Project on Decent Work and Social Protection for Migrant Workers in the Public Services, is a three-year project (2014-2016) which aims to promote access to decent work and social protection for migrant workers in the public services. This conference will launch key campaigns of the project, culminate the work over the last three years, and pave the way to the future work of the PSI on migration and refugee issues.

PSI Migration Project - Joint monitoring meeting and Symposium (Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone)

11 October, 2016 to 13 October, 2016

The PSI Project on Decent Work and Social Protection for Migrant Workers in the Public Services will hold a project monitoring and planning meeting and Symposium in Parkview Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria, on 11-13th October 2016.

How unpaid internships undermine human rights

27 September, 2016

This event "How unpaid internships undermine human rights", taking place in Geneva on 27 September, is co-organized by the Fair Internship Initiative (FII), Public Services International and the "We Pay Our Interns" coalition representatives. On the sidelines of the Human Rights Council, Unions, NGOs and youth activists come together to highlight the urgent need for international organisations and governments to tackle the issue of unpaid internships, both in the wider economy and within their own halls.

Public meeting on neoliberalism and healthcare in South Asia

22 September, 2016

The healthcare sector in South Asian countries has seen significant restructuring with an increase in private sector participation in provisioning. The discussion will explore the linkages between neoliberal reforms and informalisation of employment; explore the trends in employment patterns in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka; as well as look into some of the trade union responses to this growing phenomenon.

PSI+SEIU roundtable on the refugee crisis - Uphold Our Humanity: Protect Refugees (New York)

20 September, 2016

On 20 September, 1199SEIU, PSI and SEIU International will be co-sponsoring a roundtable to discuss the refugee crisis. This event will coincide with and amplify President Obama's "Leaders Summit on Refugees" and the United Nations' "High Level Meeting on Large Movements of Migrants and Refugees".

Global local and regional government (LRG) sector workers' network meeting (Brussels)

19 September, 2016

PSI is pleased to convene the first PSI Global Local and Regional Government Workers’ Network Meeting that will be held on 19 September 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. This will be followed by the EPSU Local and Regional Government Standing Committee on 20 September 2016, enabling PSI affiliates from other regions to take part as observers. Both events will take place in Room B at the International Trade Union House (ITUH), 5, Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 1210 Brussels, Belgium from 8:30 to 18:00.

Ghana Tax Justice and Public Restructuring Conference

30 August, 2016

PSI with affiliates and allies have been campaigning for a number of years on the negative impact of tax dodging by multinational companies on the economies of developing countries. This conference is part of a two-year project with affiliate trade unions in Ghana, funded by FNV, with the aim of promoting quality public services through a fair tax system under conditions of decent work.

The People's Inquiry into Privatisation

14 October, 2016 to 27 October, 2016

Australian affiliates have come together and asked an independent panel to investigate the impact of privatisation on workers and their communities. The Panel will also investigate what sort of services people want and need into the future. This inquiry seeks to hear from workers and the communities who rely on these services.