• PSI and its affiliates express the deepest sympathy with the victims and the families of those killed and wounded in the 13 November 2015 attacks in Paris, and revolt at this senseless and extreme use of violence.

  • On 30 November 2015, heads of state will gather in Paris at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. PSI will organise panels and participate in debates during the two weeks of the Conference.

  • PSI is organising a Global Labour Tax Summit in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), to examine tax issues from a labour perspective.

  • The report shows that PPPs have failed to live up to their promise. In most cases, they are an expensive and inefficient way of financing infrastructure and services

  • Cut emissions, not public services!

    Cities, the key to climate justice

    Local and regional government (LRG) workers are especially critical for both mitigation and adaptation to climate change, as more than half of humanity now lives in cities, and the rate of urbanization is accelerating. Changes are needed to make our cities equitable, safe and environmentally sustainable.


    Protecting the public interest from predatory privatization and outsourcing

    For two days union leaders and policy leaders from the World Bank, the IMF and the U.S. Government led by Treasury, will discuss the global push for privatization, linking unions' national campaigns to regional and global dynamics. The meeting will be hosted by AFSCME, in partnership with PSI.

  • Police raid on the KPTU offices

    PSI stands in solidarity with South Korean unions after government carries out punitive raids

    PSI condemns police raids on 6 and 21 November 2015 on the Korean Federation of Public Service and Transport workers’ Union (KPTU), which the government carried out in an attempt to discourage workers from standing up for their rights.