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Young workers meet in Togo

22 November 2015
Over 20 young workers from the French-speaking African sub-region met in Lomé, Togo on 11-13 November 2015 to discuss the issues affecting young workers in the sub-region.

During the opening ceremony, PSI Regional Secretary David Dorkenoo encouraged the young participants to commit to personal development, positive attitude and discipline and added that the future of the francophone region depends on them.

 “If the older generation has failed us, you the young workers cannot fail us,” he said.  

The young workers from Mali, Togo, Chad, Senegal, Niger and Burkina Faso, as well as representatives from PSI head office and ST, Sweden, discussed:

  • the threats of privatisation and precarious work to young workers and the trade union response,
  • young workers recruitment strategies, including a case study of students’ recruitment in Sweden,
  • young workers’ integration in the trade union movement: challenges, prospects and strategies
  • quality public services

A fair tax justice campaign was presented using a simple ‘snakes and ladders’ game designed by the UK union PCS.

The young worker participants from ST shared their Swedish experiences on various topics. For example, they explained that in order to build quality public services, whistle-blowers should not be denounced and experiences should be shared among various unions.

During the three-day conference, the Sub-Regional Secretary for French speaking Africa Charlotte Kalanbani, together with young workers from ST, seized the opportunity to meet the labour minister in Togo. They discussed the importance of dialogue between the government and trade unions as an important tool that needs to be enhanced. It was also a way to improve the labour situation of the people in Togo. Their suggestions were well received by the minister, who welcomed the notion of dialogue with trade unions in Togo.

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