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World Social Forum 2016 (Montreal, Canada)

9 August, 2016 to 14 August, 2016
09.00 - 17.00
Montreal, Canada
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The World Social Forum is the largest global gathering of civil society to find solutions to the problems of our time by building concrete alternatives to the neoliberal economic model and to politics based on the exploitation of human beings and nature.

PSI is working with affiliate unions and civil society allies to broaden and deepen our work on core issues:

  • resist privatization in health and social services, in water and energy
  • fight for tax justice and improved government finance
  • block the so-called ‘free trade deals’
  • address the threats of climate change
  • fight corruption, protect whistle-blowers, and improve governance

PSI Conference: Privatisation – How to Fight, How to Win
- 12 August, 13h00-15h30

Privatisation can be fought, and can be blocked. The privateers are increasing their pressure, using their considerable lobbying powers. Trade unions and communities are coordinating and building stronger networks to fight back.  This session offers an opportunity for activists and organisations to deepen the common understanding of the threat of privatisation and to develop strategies and tactics for fighting back.  The tools include research, education and awareness-raising, mobilisation and action. The areas of focus include local and regional governments; energy, water and waste; health and social services.

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