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Video: Multinationals are attacking democracy

12 June, 2015

Rosa Pavanelli at the ICRICT panel in Trento, Italy

Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary, speaks at the ICRICT panel on tax reform in Trento, Italy on 2 June 2015.

PSI General Secretary says that following the 2008 crisis, we are seeing the impacts of austerity imposed by governments. Cuts in public spending and loss of jobs has created an unprecedented growth in inequality. Inequality between countries, inequality within countries and between genders.

A large part of the international debate is focused on looking at how private capital can contribute to development. So far, they have contributed very little.

Rosa Pavanelli gives us the example of PSI affiliates in the US who are on strike to get a pay increase in the fast food industry. A research authored by a coalition of global trade unions, including PSI, tells us that McDonald’s has avoided paying 1 billion and a half Euros of taxes in just the UK, France, Italy and Spain. The problem is not only an economic problem but first a moral and democratic one. Good will is not sufficient to solve the problem, we need a global authority that can reform, regulate and control the global tax system

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