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Video: The IMF, health systems and the Ebola crisis

09 June, 2015

Alexander E. Kentikelenis at EB147

Alexander E. Kentikelenis, University of Cambridge (UK), speaks at the PSI Executive Board meeting (EB-147) that took place in Geneva, Switzerland on 27-28 May 2015.

Alexander E. Kentikelenis explains how IMF programmes contribute to underfunded, insufficiently staffed and poorly prepared health systems with long lasting consequences. He shows that weak health systems prevent the improvement of the health status of populations around the world. 

Kentikelenis presents the IMF’s role in the circumstances that enabled the Ebola crisis to arise.

Many West African countries have lagged behind most other regions in terms of health system development due to IMF programmes that and their long list of policy reforms that the countries have to implement in exchange for financing.

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